Apprentice Librarian – Lisa Schofield

Hello, my name is Lisa Schofield and I’m a Master of Information Science Student at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) in Brisbane, my major is in Library and Information Practice. This is my student e-portfolio and a place for you to get to know me and my journey into the world of Information Management. Though I’m not working yet as a Librarian I am working in a records and information management environment. For the past 8 years I’ve been working as a Document Controller on various large construction projects in New South Wales and Queensland. I manage the documentation for the project I work on ensuring quality is maintained as well as making sure revisions of documents are updated regularly and key stakeholders have access to the latest documentation. I transmit, upload, quality check and train staff in the use of our online database. I’ve used many databases over the years from Incite Keystone to Aconex, they all have their pros and cons and assist with managing large volumes of data. I’m looking forward to developing more as an information professional and excited on where this path may lead me, please join me on my adventure as an apprentice Librarian.


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