Crafty Library

I really enjoy craft, I love trying something new or re-kindling a love for something I haven’t done for a long time. I also love sitting and reading the craft magazines and books on offer at my local library. Another reason I love to visit the library apart from my love of books is to meet up with the talented ladies in my knitting and crochet group. Recently I have re-kindled my love of sewing and have enjoyed getting to know my sewing machine better. This weekend I finished making library bags for a family friend to gift to her grandchildren. These were so much fun to make, I really love the choice of fabric on offer these days. For the bags I chose two Batman themed and one woodland. You can find the pattern from the Freshly Handmade blog, it’s simple and fast to sew. I love it so much that I will be making more for sure.

Libraries are great for not just providing access to information but also a place to connect with like minded individuals, learn and share new skills. Libraries are changing and evolving into community hubs, meeting places and centres for learning. As technology has become part of everyday life librarians are learning to embrace technology and work with it to provide patrons with access to information and learning. So what brings you to your local library?